Sunday, October 10, 2010

 A well taken care of cow, belonging to the Joshi family. She is feasting on banana skins.
 The ubiquitous pack of tropical dogs, going about their Very Important Dog Business.
 Ball beetles: like GIANT PILL BUGS. Those are Nathan's hands.
 "Lizard on a Wire", a brand new theatre production, now on tour!
 Learning to make jasmine garlands: Manoramaka and Lakshmi are good teachers.
 Seed germination: A handful of compost (gobra) is placed on thin cloth. Seeds are worked into the compost with the fingers, because if you try to germinate them in a tray, ants will eat them. The cloth is then tied into a ball and hung from the rafters. It is dipped in water once a day; sprouts are planted out into trays after 4 days or so.
 The endangered Malabar Giant Squirrel!
Toad in the kitchen, shoo toad shoo...Sarah to Nathan: Do they keep it in that little bowl of water on purpose? (Indian women, especially who live in rural areas, spend monumental quantities of time cleaning. Keeping a tropical house clean is about a million times more work than keeping a temperate house clean.)


  1. The giant pill bugs look absolutely delicious! I love this post, Sarah. Your adventure is amazing!LOVE to you both, best wishes- eat a bug for me!

  2. thank you for your stories, pictures, and deliciously intense sensory descriptions. :) i love you and miss you lots! it's exciting to learn more about where you are with every post.

    ooh, and have fun in pondicherry! you have to tell me if you see any zoos, and what they are like. are the animals happy? ;)

  3. Hahaha yes. we both read Life of Pi on our trip...we will look for zootown. the po do really wear red caps and the street names are all French...and there are some sort of unfriendly looking possibly french white people around...but other than that, it appears to be all India. :) I will blog about it when i have free internet! there were lots of happy MONKEYS on the way! we're going to go to Auroville to check out some sustainable agriculture research together with some spiritual stuff...I am excited for this.
    Love you too Heather! and Sean too!