Sunday, October 17, 2010

 Bunny rabbits leer at litterers. He sees you. and he has four ears. Watch out. (This is in Bharati Park, which looks absurdly European, complete with white temple-ish arch and motto in Latin, and fountain shaped like a giant snail. What they say about India being a land of contrasts--it's true. Because in the park, you also have men in dhotis sleeping, tropical dogs, and, despite the bunnies, lots of trash. Pondy is as if France dropped a small community into India, forgetting some details like sewers, and then left India to take it back. India has done so, creatively.)
 Fishing boats
 The fisher folk catch not only fish in their nets.
 A lunch guest...street food?
 Cloudy day on the promenade, a 20ft statue of Gandhi in the background.
 pomegranate (they are super super tasty here)
 Scene from the hotel window #1. (note the dragonfly, it is one of fifty million within a 1km radius.)
Don't determine the sex of your baby and abort it if it's a girl, that is. A message with a grim past, a sort of hopeful future, and a lot of work in between. Work that Vanastree is doing in one way, by providing girls and women with employment opportunities, a place to gather and affirm their worth against a culture that has denied them those things. In Pondy I see signs of hope...women driving motorcycles, riding bicycles and owning businesses, small shops and hotels. And this sign--an acknowledgment.
 Puppy season in Pondy. There are many furry little whelps lounging about.
Scene from the hotel window #2.

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  1. oh, sarah, i meant to tell you last time that chapatis were one of my FAVORITE foods in uganda! so delicious. chapatis, samosas, and rolexes - an egg omlette of sorts rolled up in a chapati - were in nearly every city or town that i visited. (uganda, being close to the indian ocean by way of kenya, has a sizable indian population, especially in the south.)

    miss you love you lots!