Monday, October 25, 2010

Flowers at Pondicherry hotel, Auroville

 Part of a huge vine trellis.
Lone crow awaiting a coming thunderstorm.
 Sun-break as a storm rolls by.

Flowers on the road to Auroville, city belonging to no particular nationality, faith, political orientation, but to humanity as a whole
 Flowers on Auroville road.
Auroville road. (a note: since 1968 when Auroville was founded on a barren sandy plateau in Tamil Nadu, South India, there have been 2 million trees planted and extensive efforts to retain ground water (i.e. soil work, bunding, etc.). This has ultimately resulted in a general change in climate temperature to several degrees cooler, making Auroville and the surrounding area quite a pleasant haven).
 Flowers on Auroville road.
 Flowers on Auroville road.
 Flowers on Auroville road.

Last night there was a terrific thunderstorm at 1:30 am which kept me awake until about 3:30. I ended up going onto the roof when the storm had passed out over the Bay of Bengal, and I just watched the constant flickering of far off lightning in a murky distant night sky. It was very quiet then, something which cannot be said for most times of day in Pondicherry. I have been spending time with an Indian man who works at the Sacar hotel at which I am staying. It is definitely nice to be able to interact with places in the area with the experience of someone who lives there. My internet time is running out, but I will write more soon I think. Best to all of you.

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  1. Nate, Sarah, Good to read and see your adventure so far! Sending love - surrounding you ALL DAY and into the night! Big kisses!Wondering where the irrigation came from to create that beautiful area.
    It is witchy weather here - the temp dropping, getting ready for halloweenie!