Monday, November 8, 2010

A belated Photo Post

 Spider vs. Beetle: Manorama's porch.
 Kotagiri, which used to be a British hill station. That's tea growing all over the place.
 Tea plantation from the porch of Northern Hay Guest House. This place was luxurious! Not least of the luxury being that it was cool enough to need a wool blanket at night. This advantage also drew the British and their red-roofed houses...
 For bird nerds
 For fern nerds: Giant Fern

 This one is mostly for my aunt. We went to the Bee Museum and they had all these range maps. A sobering picture for the tigers and those who revere them...but I was in the company of people who are working so that both the people and the tigers benefit.
 Conservation Education Network participants ogling a bee box (the box has flowers on it because a couple of days before was Saraswati Puja, the day of the goddess Saraswati, goddess of learning. On this day, you honor your books or tools, whatever you do your work with--your car or your bee box as well.)
 Tea covering a hillside in the Nilgiris, the Blue Mountains
 And then we went in a store in Ooty and there was this chicken lamp...nothing screams COLIN like a two headed chicken
Hi! I've been doing lots of gardening. I'm having fun. Maybe I'll write something one of these days if I'm not too busy digging, working or celebrating!


  1. digging, working, celebrating! beautiful.


  2. My money is on the spider! I would most certainly celebrate my bee box and the honey therein- guess I will celebrate my recycle bag from the coop instead because my bee box does not exist. The hills are alive - PG tips heaven! wonderful photos, kidlettes! Miss you- LOVE you