Friday, September 3, 2010

(Nathan) Okay, so the departure date is getting very close... I guess it's real then

This is Nathan here, I'm just testing this thing out since I've never really had occasion to write in a blog before. Woohoo! Anyway all our vaccinations have been taken care of and all Sarah and I are really concerned with is figuring out what to do with ourselves while we're in Mumbai for a night and part of a day. It is a big city...


  1. We will be thinking of you both when you land. What an adventure. Post photos if you can.

    be well, Jim and Colleen

  2. Mumbai- lay low...stay well and sharp! I am so excited for you- adventures- can't beat them...with a stick! Good luck you two, you will be in our thoughts and best wishes. With LOVE!!!

  3. What all kinds of vaccinations did you get? Are you EXCITED? :) I am very excited for you, my friends. As for Mumbai... look, listen. Let yourselves settle into where you are. Big hugs! :D